The largest glacier of Europe

Image courtesy of David Phan

Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier of Europe. It is casing closely 8% of the terrain of Iceland, a part of nearby 8100 kilometer. With a width of 400 meter and in certain spaces up to 1000, Vatnajökull covers terrifying 3300 cubic kilometers of frost. Beneath droning white exterior of the glacier Vatnajökull is curly upland collected of vales.

Image courtesy of David Phan

As the mainstream of Iceland, this is a region of extreme volcanic action. There are seven lively volcanoes. Below the snow of the freshwater lake Grímsvötn lies an enormous compartment jam-packed with magma, which most recent exploded in 2004, pitching huge quantities of dust and sulfur dioxide.

Image courtesy of Diana Robinson

Image courtesy of Eric Montfort

Image courtesy of David Phan


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