Arbol de Navidad: the Christmas waterfall

Image courtesy of Themadatter 

We are all fond of the beauty of nature. We do believe that the eternal beauty stands for the extreme peace of mind and the soul. Waterfall is one of the glorious parts of the nature. The sprinkling water jumps down the hollow space with the outmost growl. There is a waterfall in Mexico which looks like a Christmas tree. The outlandish beauty is superbly experienced when we watch out this particular waterfall. The above link shows some superb pictures and videos of this particular eye soothing waterfall. Arbol de Navidad, the mystery of the shape beyond it, is still unknown. 

Image courtesy of Limber Robledo

Image courtesy of Ser Turista 

Image courtesy of marcel_pics


Arbol De Navidad: The Christmas Waterfall

Arbol de Navidad: the Christmas waterfall

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