Some Reasons Why you should spend a holiday in Dominica

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Dominica is marked ‘Dom-in-eee-ka’ which means ‘Sunday’ in Latin known as the Caribbean’s ‘nature island’. Nature plays important roles in promoting this mountainous Caribbean island country to rise up high among all other nations in the world.

There are about 365 rivers which become important water streams across the country for water supply. Its attraction is also a volcanic heated, steam-covered boiling lake, makes this most beautiful in springs. Botanic gardens and timber houses makes island colorful. Golden sandy beaches can convince all visitors with fresh air coming from the sea. As it has been mentioned, Dominica is located between Guadeloupe to Martinique and another Atlantic Ocean which reaches to the Caribbean Sea. So nice views and landscapes of the sea and ocean belong to your one destination in Dominica. If you are making holiday plan, let’s think of this Caribbean island and the best time to see this country is from December to April.

Image Credits: Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn

Image Credits: Liam Quinn

Image Credits: Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn)

Image Credits: Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn)


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Some Reasons Why You Should Spend A Holiday In Dominica

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