Barbados—The country where you should visit for holiday

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Barbados originated from the Amerindian tribes who were the first people to move to live in this island. It was suspected that the Arawaks were moved off by cannibalistic Caribs from the island but deserted it themselves by 1600's. No one is aware of exactly why they had this departure.

During the time the Spanish people may be used as slaves or they may have moved to the north and south illegally. The Portuguese people stationed here around 1537 on their departure to Brazil while some Amerindians were on the island.

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Barbados was declared as an independent nation on November 30, 1966 after deliverance of slaves in 1834 and empowerment of women in 1944 and widespread adult suffrage in 1951. Barbados nowadays is a beautiful country with lot of land and seascapes that you should not miss for your holiday. 

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