Dog On Wheelchair & Silky Chicken Make For The Most Endearing Friends


Dog on Wheelchair & Silky Chicken make for the most endearing Friends

This video is of a two-legged chihuahua who found a love in a hot baby chicken. The vigorous pooch having the name of Roo has is now in live with, Penny, a silkie chicken [...]

Slow Motions Of Cats By Carli Davidson
Slow Motions Of Cats By Carli Davidson


Slow Motions of cats by Carli Davidson

Carli Davidson is a U.S. photographer and animal trainer who successfully launch her series of dogs and puppies shaking their heads. She’s been working with animals professionally since [...]

The Emperor Penguin – The Tallest And Heaviest Penguin


The Emperor Penguin – the tallest and heaviest penguin

The Emperor Penguin is the heaviest of all penguin species in Antarctica. They are similar in plumage and size, up to 122 cm in height and weighing up to 45 kg. The dorsal side and [...]

Take A Walk Through A World Where We Meet Ourselves


Take a walk through a world where we meet ourselves

Japanese photographer, Daisuke Takakura, has started his project in 2012 called “Monodramatic” that describes dramatic composition written for one performer as multiple [...]

The Clarity Of The Swiss River


The clarity of the Swiss River

The underwater world is the most mysterious place in this universe. It is said that there are thousands or more creatures and vegetation under the water than above water part of this earth. Verzasca River of [...]

Some Reasons Why You Should Spend A Holiday In Dominica


Some Reasons Why you should spend a holiday in Dominica

Dominica is marked ‘Dom-in-eee-ka’ which means ‘Sunday’ in Latin known as the Caribbean’s ‘nature island’. Nature plays important roles in promoting this mountainous Caribbean island country to [...]

Bull Shark Of 9ft That Was Spot In The Backyard Of A Florida Residence


Bull Shark of 9ft that was Spot in the Backyard of a Florida residence

This is a video footage that is a demonstration of a shark prowl in the garden of a resident of Florida and he is some than stunned by this. Dick Frey, who is 69, had shot the startling footage [...]

A 42-year-old Man Wins ‘Mister Ugly’ Contest In Zimbabwe


A 42-year-old Man wins ‘Mister Ugly’ Contest in Zimbabwe

Beauty contests are famous in southern Africa country and are normally for women. Instead, Zimbabwe has men ugliest contests which held annually. Mison Sere, a 42-year-old contestant [...]

15 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be In Your Travel List


15 reasons why Iceland should be in your travel list

It is a beautiful country with lots of glaciers, waterfalls, and magical landscapes inspiring to the tourists, artists and photographers. In summer, Iceland is surprisingly warm, lush and green [...]

Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа


Lеѕhаn Gіаnt Buddhа, Chіnа

It іѕ the tаllеѕt рrе-mоdеrn statue in the wоrld.  This statue іѕ buіlt bу Hаіtоng a Chіnеѕе monk, hе buіlt thіѕ statue tо calm down the turbulеnt аnd dangerous Mіnjаng Rіvеr аnd hе ѕuссееdеd.  Much rock fеll from thе сlіffѕ [...]