The Scented Flower Garden That Makes A Blind Wife Smile Again


The Scented Flower Garden that makes a blind wife smile again

Over 7,000 people visit this lovely herb bryophyte garden in Shintomi town, Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture on any given day within the months of March and April, drawn each by the wonder of this scented [...]

The Magic Fairy Tale-like Village Around The World


The magic fairy tale-like village around the world

There is magic in life. Well, maybe not like the type you see in Harry Potter movies (pity, I know), but a totally different kind. We're talking about the type we experience in our minds once we hear a piece [...]

Navagio - The Breathtaking Beach In Greece


Navagio - The Breathtaking Beach in Greece

As one of the oldest civilizations, Greece is a breathtaking country from the famous castles to attractive beaches and Island. Here, we would like to take you to Navagio beach of the Zakynthos [...]

7 Reasons Why Canada Should Be Your Breathtaking Place


7 reasons why Canada should be your breathtaking place

After Russian-the first largest country in the world, Canada stands for the second largest country of the world and it is a nation which is famous for its great ethnic and [...]

Sea-Section: Implausible Video Of Shark Being Born


Sea-Section: implausible video of shark being born

Beth Cordell, aged 44 and Lindsey Cordell, also aged 44, happened to be taking a stroll down the shoreline of Georgia, United States, with their 3 kids and a buddy when they saw a shark washed up on [...]

A Long Road Across The Atlantic


A long road across the Atlantic

The Atlantic Road was privileged as Construction of the Year in Norway in 2005. The National Tourist Route goes between Kristiansund and Molde, two famous town of Norway. These two are the chief populace hubs in [...]

The Unforgettable City To Visit In Egypt


The unforgettable city to visit in Egypt

Alexandria is founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE in northern Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea. It is grown from a small port town to become the most important metropolis in ancient Egypt and also considered as one of the most [...]

Stair To Heaven Is Not Far!


Stair to Heaven is not far!

Wars constantly leave after hollow monuments that aid as cues of tough times. Though ghostly by the memoirs of battle and frequently death, these uninhibited constructions sometimes merge with their [...]

Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, The Jack Russell Terrier Jumping From Rocks Together With Her Landlord


Diving Dog - ‘Titti’, the Jack Russell Terrier jumping From Rocks together with Her landlord

This YouTube video is of a diving dog scoring 10 out of 10 while launching her from the top of a cliff right into the crystal clear cobalt waters of St Peter's [...]

Amazing City Concept
Amazing City Concept


Amazing City Concept

Building a nice city requires times, budgets and human resources. The importance is how to design a remarkable city with limited land for large populations of people. One idea comes up that people might use the sky as another [...]